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Artist's Statement

Maureen Rafferty Sorensen (MRS POURS) paints with both fluid acrylics and soft pastels. 


She swipes, blots, blows, drags, spills, flips, twists, tilts, and spatters fluid acrylic onto canvas with the intent to represent imagined florals and abstract landscapes.  It's always wildly exciting, super fast and quite messy to create in this medium. 


Soft pastel paintings slowly transform, in a methodical process of layering pure pigment with painterly marks onto a sanded surface. 

Plant material, gelli-printed images and negative transpariencies are transferred to coated paper, enhanced by additional techniques, and developed by the UV rays of the sun.  Cyanotype printing is her latest experiement in art.

 Mrs. Pours is self-taught and prolific.

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